Result legal and additional checks annual accounts

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Would it be possible to provide a result for the total amount of legal checks and a result for the total amount of additional checks that are still causing an error for the annual accounts?

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Hi Sam,

Sorry for the late response!

We are currently looking into your request and are investigating whether to implement the results you requested. I’ll inform you as soon as a decision on this has been made.

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Hi Sam,

Would it perhaps be possible to provide me with more information what purpose you have for these results? This would definitely help us in determining whether it would indeed be beneficial to include these.

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Hi Laurent

I’d like to use it for a summary for a client.
Could you add results for these too?


Hi Sam,

Results have been added for every type of checks.
You can find them under these results:

  • sign_checks_count
  • legal_checks_count
  • additional_checks_count
  • social_checks_count

The results from the Resultaatverwerking you requested were already there, but they only appear as results if their value is not zero.


Thanks a lot
Much appreciated!

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