Result tags not shown when creating filters

Hi there,

Since a couple of weeks, Insights doesn’t seem to show the result tags when I’m creating a filter. It just says “Sorry, no matching options”:

I do have result tags in this template

{% result 'Aantal_vragen' question_count %}
{% result 'Aantal_Ja' yes_count %}
{% result 'Beantwoord' yes_count %}
{% result 'Voortgang' completion% %}
{% result 'Kwaliteit' completion% %}

They are just not showning. When I input the exact name, it still works, but it would be a lot easier if the pull don menu would give me a list of all available options. This should work right?

Hi Ronald,

This probably is because your result tags are included within logical statements (for example the if-statement). Currently the list only displays those result tags that are not within such a logical statement.

We are investigating how this can be solved so the full list of result tags is shown. For now please input the result name in the open text field.

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Hi Michiel,

Your assumption is not correct. In some templates this is the case, but not in all. I’ve already tested your suggestion, but it didn’t work. They are in a different part then the main part, would that be an issue?

Hi @ronald_groot_RSF,

Unfortunately you have encountered the issues that we are aware off, but are planned in the near future to tackle (having result tags in a separate part is one of them too).

So we cannot fix this right away, so we hope the workaround is okay (entering the result tags manual) for the time being?

Hi @sven,

Thanks for the response. The only downside to this workaround is having to enter debug mode on the template when creating Insights. It’s workable, but not ideal.

Please let me know when this is fixed, so I can have a larger group of people creating their own Insights, instead of them asking me to do it for them :wink:

Yes, that’s true @ronald_groot_RSF :grimacing:

When we do upgrade the whole flow of Insights and make it way more user-friendly, we will definitely keep everyone posted (stuff like this, is posted regularly through our monthly Community newsletter).

Thanks for the understanding though

Your monthly newsletter is one of the few I am not only subscribed to, but also actually read every month :smiley:

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Pinging this because we encountered the same issue. Workaround seems to work.