Beroepskosten - Begin- en eindvoorraad

Hoe kan je het rekeningensjabloon ‘Beroepskosten’ aanpassen zodat je begin- en eindvoorraad gewoon manueel kan invullen ? Nu kan je daar niets invullen en zijn deze velden zelfs gekoppeld aan 6-rekeningen (?).

Hello @dvanderper,

Do you mind asking your questions in English please, so other users can understand this as well? :slightly_smiling_face:

So you’re asking how to change the value of for example the final stock?

The code that generated the value of final stock, is this :

{% t "Eindvoorraad" %} {% input custom.detail.eindvoorraad as:account_collection range:6,7 accounts_var:eindvoorraad %} 

It’s in the accounts_var ’ eindvoorraad ` all accounts will be put in, to generate the value of final stock.

If you want to make this overwritable, first you’ll need to create a new input-object, fi :

{% input custom.ev.waarde as:currency %}

This however will only create an input-object where a value can be put in, but of course you want a value already being put in there automatically, but that’s still can be overwritten, right?
So, the value you want in there automatically, is the value of the accounts_var eindvoorraad. you can summon that by adding .value to the accounts_var :


This will give the total amount of every account selected in the accounts_var by the hashtag # .

So by using a placeholder_default to your input-code you’ll be able to display the total value of the accounts_var but it’s still overwritable :

{% input custom.ev.waarde as:currency placeholder_default:eindvoorraad.value %}

Can you give it a try? If you’re totaly new to Silverfin Templating Language, it’s advised to go through this here first.