Car expenses separately

Hi there,

We have made a reconsiliation template of the “Niet-bedrijfsmatige kosten”:

Is it possible to summarize the car expenses?
We used to put them together, so it’s clearer.

How do we need to program this?

Hello @Fiduciaire.Eulaers,

Above suggestion, will be implemented very soon in our template collection. I suggest to wait on the update for that?

If you would like to know how to do it, then I can give you some directions :

First we’ll create a certain variable for all different costs we’ll have.
{% assign cost_groups = custom.groups %}

With a fori-loop, we will be able to do it :

{% endfori %} ``` 

For each loop, we'll define an account-collection to select the accounts. We can do this by following code : 
``` **{% input %}** {% input group.costs as:account_collection range:6,7 accounts_var:costs %} ``` 

That last code has to be executed in each loop of the fori. With a forloop of the costs that can be done. 

So above codes, you'll have to find a combination that can give the desired results. 

Let me know if you are stuck on this, and we will help you forward.

We’ll wait for it :slight_smile: Thanks!

It the template already available?

Hello @Fiduciaire.Eulaers,

Very soon, so keep your mails in check (this will be communicated through our newsletters).