CASE: when to use .size and .count to display the amount in a drop or variable?

If you want to count how many elements a certain drop has, you can add .countto your drop-name or the name of a collection :

{{ period.directors.count }} 

Above code will result in the amount of directors have been checked in the period.people drop.

Same goes for an accounts_var :

{% input custom.some.thing as:account_collection range:6,7 accounts_var:accounts %}

{{ accounts.count }} 

{{ accounts.count }} will display the amount of selected accounts in your custom collection (drop).

There are some variables however, that use .size to count the amount. For instance :

{{ period.calendar_years.size }}

will give the amount of calendar years a period has.

The difference when to use .count or .size :interrobang:

.count can only be used in a drop or custom collection while the .size only for a variable (like period.calendar_years.size which is generated from the period-drop but not a drop itself).

Perhaps confusing, but worth to mention it in this case!