Detail car park

Hey there,

I’ve found some interesting stuff here in the community like a detail of the vehicule fleet, but this post was closed and I have still a question about this.

I’ve copied the code below and adapt a few things, everything looks fine but in the export no data is shown. Can anyone tell me what the problem is?

Thanks in advance!


|Merk + type|Bestuurder|Nummerplaat|1e inschrijving|Brandstof|CO²-uitstoot|% verworpen|
|:---25%----|:---25%---|:--12%----:|:---12%-------:|--12%----|:--7%------:|:--------:+{% fori wagen in custom.wagens %}
|{% input wagen.type %}|{% input wagen.bestuurderpw %}|{% input wagen.nummerplaatpw %}|{% input wagen.datuminschr as:date %}|{% input wagen.brandstof %}|{% input wagen.couitstoot %}|{% input wagen.verworpen %}{%endfori %}

Hi Cedric

This works perfect in my environment.
Did you put it in a reconciliation template? If so, make sure you have filled in a virtual acocunt number that starts with a number from 1 to 8 (i.e. 8100).

Kind regards

Hi Sam

That was the problem. Thanks for your help!