Download of Result Table Dropdowns and Defaults

I have a table that is being pulled from one recon template to another via a result tag.



Everything is fine on the screen, however when I download to excel, no default values are shown and the items selected from drop downs are not displayed. Instead, all drop down options are exported for the line item.

Can you advise how I can rectify this so that the download reflects properly?

Hi @Mhairi

Would it be possible to give a more detailed example of the the table you want to refer to and download?

Generally results are used to reference a value or variable from one template to another.

When you want to refer to an input object there is no need to create result tags, because they are already part of the database.
You can access them as follows:

{{ period.reconciliations.template_A.custom.some.variable }}

Hi Robbie,

The table contains these items:

{% for account in creditors_accounts %}
{% if account.value != 0 and account.value != blank %}
|{{ account.number }}
|{{ account.original_number }} - {{ account.original_name }}
{% if account.original_name contains ‘Accr’ %}{% assign default_drop = ‘Accruals’ %}
{%elsif account.original_name contains ‘Trade’ %}{% assign default_drop = ‘Trade creditors’ %}
{%elsif account.original_name contains ‘VAT’ %}{% assign default_drop = ‘VAT’ %}
{%elsif account.original_name contains ‘Provisions’ %}{% assign default_drop = ‘Provisions included in Current (Liabilities)’ %}
{%elsif account.original_name contains ‘Other’ %}{% assign default_drop = ‘Other’ %}
{% assign default_drop = ‘Sundry creditors’ %}
{% endif %}
|{%=$1+ account.value | currency %}

|{%=**$3+input custom.account.[].b1b_LessThan default:account.value-custom.account.[].b1b_GreaterThan as:currency%}**
{% if custom.account.[].b1b_LessThan == 0 %}
  {% assign b1bLessThan = account.value-custom.account.[].b1b_GreaterThan %}
  {% assign b1bLessThan = custom.account.[].b1b_LessThan %}
 {% endif %}
|{%=$4+input custom.account.[].b1b_GreaterThan default:0 as:currency%}
|{% input custom.account.[].category as:select options:creditor_cat default:default_drop   %}    
|{% input custom.account.[].notes as:text placeholder:'Comment' %}
  {% assign myCheck = (b1bLessThan+custom.account.[].b1b_GreaterThan) %}
| {% if  myCheck != account.value and myCheck !=0  %}
    {% ic %}{::warningtext as='hover'}Value does not balance to TB amount{:/warningtext}{% endic %}
  {% endif %} 
{% input custom.account.[].doc as:file_collection %}

The problem appears to come in where default amounts are assigned. Additionally, when the file is downloaded, the dropdown values are replaced with all the available drop down options instead of the selected or default item.

On screen it looks fine:

However, downloaded we get this:

As you can see, the Amount < 3 years is blank in the download, presumably as the populated item is a default. And the Description column just contains all the drop down options instead of the selected item.

I hope this is clearer.

Hi @Mhairi ,

Our apologies for the late reply!

We have been looking into your issue, but we can’t quite seem to replicate it. It could have something to do with the fact a result is used to transfer the table from one template to another but it could easily be a core issue as well. Therefore we suggest to contact us via, with a link to the actual template so we can have a more detailled look.

Thank you!

Kind regards,