Fixed value in fori loop instead of default

We have a fori loop, where we on the first loop want a default value to be used, and then we want an empty section to complete to show. But unless we go to the default value and press enter, the empty section does not show. Ie we need to press enter to get the default value to became a value. Is there another way to get our default value to directly become a value, without having to use enter?

{% if open_disclosure_exist == true and forloop.first%}
| {% input appendix_text.text_input as:text placeholder:consideration_placeholder default:open_disclosure_default_text assign:appendix_text_input %}
{% else %}
| {% input appendix_text.text_input as:text placeholder:consideration_placeholder assign:appendix_text_input %} (THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN, UNLESS WE PRESS ENTER, BUT WE WANT IT TO SHOW ANYWAY)
{% endif %}

Any ideas?


What is it you would like to achieve? It appears as if you could better apply a separate textfield first (shown conditionally, with the default text in it), and only after that a fori loop. The fori loop requires manual input for each new item you add, that is what it is intended for.

Does this help? Otherwise, please provide us with some more example code than maybe we can prepare a ready-to-use example for you.