Foriloops with multiple rows

I’m having some problems with foriloop. Clearly I can’t use this to create two new lines at a time, but it’s really what it needs to do. Is there any other possibility? This is what I get now.

I want to create a new input field for name and birthdate, everytime a name is filled in.

||{% fori kids in custom.kinderen.tenlaste %}
{% newline %}
| {% input kids.naam %}{% endfori %}
{% newline %}
|{% input kids.geboortedatum as:date %}

@Cedric change

||{% fori kids in custom.kinderen.tenlaste %}


||{% fori kids in custom.kinderen_tenlaste %}

When you have custom.kinderen.tenlaste as a collection and use in your foriloop you are going “too deep” in levels (=one dot too many).



Seems I misunderstood the error… I thought it meant I was going to deep with rows in the table… :roll_eyes: