Global Variables for styling

I am currently working on trying to create some shared parts that control and draw certain elements. This could for example be a tax note.

As of now, the idea is to have a Note_Table that actually draws the table and a Note_Table_Config that describes the styling. Both of these are shared parts.

To make it easy for our team to control the styling of these values, i have made a Master Table Template that includes both of these parts.

In this case, the specified values are only available for the client you are currently “on”, since its a custom drop. To make sure that this is the same for all clients, i have to hardcode the data. For now i generate a string that i can split and then apply. But with this i need to create new variables each time i want to style a new element.

My issue is, that to make this more dynamic and usable, it would be nice to have some global variable that i could store. As far as i know, there is no way to do this as of now.

Is this something that you are currently working on ?

Another solution that i could use, that would make the code prettier and easier to maintain would be to be able to create a datastructure similar to the custom drops. That way i can reference elements based on their name, ie. a key. So for instance font_styles.[styled_object_name]. I have scoured the forum, and the double array approach to dictionary like behaviour will not be a solution to this.

I really hope that you have a solution for this. The current solution that i have works, but it feels very dirty.

Hi @Oliver_R_DK ,

Sorry for the late reply.

We had a really hard time to understand the exact purpose of the solution you are trying to build. So before we can give you concrete answers on your questions, I think it’s important we fully understand what you are trying to achieve.

I’ll contact you directly to plan in a call so we can have a discussion on this.

Kind regards,