How to delete a default value


We have created a template where the company address is automatically pulled through, but if required it can be manually altered.
Is there a way to delete one of the default lines if required because at the moment if you delete a line or try to type a space, the original default value is restored.

Code as follows -
|{% input default:company_registered_address_array[1] %}{% newline %} |{% input default:company_registered_address_array[2] %}{% newline %} |{% input default:company_registered_address_array[3] %}{% newline %}|{% input default:company_registered_address_array[4] %}{% newline %} |{% input default:company_registered_address_array[5] %}


John F.

Hi @JohnF ,

Defaultss will always appear whenever you make the input field empty (a space is also seen as empty in this case).

One way to overcome this obstacle could be to make 1 input field with all parts of the address as a default.

Hope this helps,