Liquid editor autocompletes request

Following autocompletes would be useful in the liquid editor:

  • % -> {% content %}
  • else -> {% else %}
  • elsif -> {% elsif %}
  • endif -> {% endif %}
  • endfor -> {% endfor %}
  • endunless -> {% endunless %}
  • endcomment -> {% endcomment %}
  • endcapture -> {% endcapture %}
  • etc… for other end-tags

Is it possible to add these?

Hi Dries,

Welcome to the Silverfin Community and thanks for your suggestion! I will forward your request to our Developers so they can analyse to include them in the liquid editor.

About the end-tags you mention, as you probably know, right now they are created together with the opening tags. So for example, if you type “if” and press the Tab key, you will get the following:

{% if condition %}content{% endif %}

But I’ll ask our Developers if we can include them individually as well.

Any update on this?

Kind regards

Hi Sam,

Recently, else and elsif were included as:

{% else %}
{% elsif condition %}

The end-tags were not added at the moment, to keep consistency in the snippets and generating an entire block of code that has it’s start and end, like:

{% if condition %}content{% endif %}

Kind regards