Question with regard to registers and summaries


For a given template, I have calculated some intermediate results (details) by means of registers. At the bottom of the document, there’s a summary table (one record per detail) that gives a general overview of these details with a button ‘look at details’ (default: false, so in general only the summary is seen on the page). Now, if the details are not shown, the registers are not calculated. Is there a way to still calculate the registers but not show them on the screen?

If I’m not explaining myself clearly, please let me know (had a very bad night ;-)).

Hey @Bart_Verhaeghe,

If you wish to calculate with registers without being seen, you can by this code :

{% $5+ #61 %} 

This will add the value of accounts.61 into the register $5 without being shown.

If you do this however :

{% =$5+ #61 %} 

it will be shown and also the value being saved in the register.