This topic is created to overview you all upcoming releases we have planned for the COVID-19 package. This will include updates to:

  • Insights segments
  • Stress test
  • Measures

Stay tuned I’d say :relaxed:


Updates have just went live for the COVID-19 package; see what’s updated right below:

V 1.01

COVID-19 cashflow stresstest:

  • fixed small typo in English headers for section D and E (D and E were just missing)

  • changed the info text for sales/purchases, as it could lead to misinterpretation the forecast numbers need to be VAT included or not

  • the range for loans short term is now expanded with range “65” so it can include the bank interests paid on those loans
    Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 20.40.00

  • the distribution of expected payment term for customers & suppliers has been modified, where you now can add an amount instead of creating it based off a percentage. Further more, we removed the option to calculate the distribution of expected payment by entering percentages; if this was used previously, it will still be there but it’s more practical one can enter the days and the amount without entering a percentage first
    Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 20.41.49

  • we changed section F into Other revenues & expenses, so it’s clear this section can be used to add extra expenses as well
    Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 20.44.18

  • the wording of the scenarios can now be changed as well
    Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 20.45.07

  • the calculated forecast numbers for Purchase of goods can now be overwritten as well

  • an option has been added to conclude if the customer is indeed affected by the CORONA crisis in 3 measures
    Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 20.49.52

COVID-19 measures:

  • Updated measures; added COVID-19 premium’s for regions Brussels and Wallonia
  • Updated status; “to request” and “not applicable” have been added. The boolean to indicate which measures have been checked is replaced by the status. These measures will automatically be updated to “to request” unless a different status was already selected by the user.

Next to be updated/released, are NEW SEGMENTS:

  • create an overview of all clients in which the cash position goes below zero in one of the 3 scenarios
  • create overview with the conclusion of each company file
  • have an overview with all status’ of measures per client. Two segments have been created; 1. a client overview with the status for each measure that an action has been taken and 2. a client overview to follow up in which files the measure status has not yet been updated
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:mega: NEW SEGMENTS added to the COVID-19 package :mega:

Be sure to activate these 3 new segments into you environment (as an admin: go to firm level -> Templates -> My Packages -> Manage Package and Activate the unactivated segments)

Check negative cashflow scenarios

This segment allows you to filter on companies in which forecasting has been done, and where at least one of the 3 scenarios shows the cashflow going negative. This segment also shows you the enddate of that week in which the cashflow turns out negative.

Overview status measures

It is now possible via insights to have an overview with all status’ of measures per client. Two filters have been created; 1. a client overview with the status for each measure that an action has been taken and 2. a client overview to follow up in which files the measure status has not yet been updated.

Overview professional judgement

This segment allows you to have an overview of all companies and its chosen professional judgement of the stress test template (if they have any).

:bulb: Do not forget to activate these insightful segments into your environment!

Quite the update for the stress test cashflow in the BE COVID-19 package:

With this update, we made the conclusion part configurable for export, meaning you can exclude it from the export, if needed.
But more importantly: it is now possible to create a forecasting for 3,6 or 9 months.
A visual update as well: when the cashflow goes below zero, we will not express that in the color red (previously, warning texts were shown).

Let’s see in detail what this version 2.0 holds:

exclude the conclusion part from export
Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 20.54.39

In case you really want to export this template to PDF (as you know, you can always use Silverfin Interact to communicate with your customer and show him the cashflow stress test :wink:), then it might be preferred to not include the conclusion part.

If you want to do this, add this piece of code:

{% assign show_conclusion = false %} 

into the configuration box of the template on firm level:
Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 20.56.47

and press save. From now on, the conclusion part will not be seen in an export.

Red marking of negative cashflow

Those warning text we used (the red triangles that immediately caught the eye), might be a little bit too much in a packed table already, so now we go for this instead:

Grabs the attention without giving the impression something is necessarily wrong with the data provided.

And next update is something we hope to please you all (it was also often requested):

Create forecasting for 3,6 or 9 months ahead

As you can see now, you’ll have the option at the start of the template to chose which periodicity you want the forecasting to be created; keep in mind that already given numbers in one periodicity, will not automatically be copied over to a new periodicity:

You can now start forecasting in 6 months eg:

We hope this helps you out a lot, together with your customer.

If you have any feedback, don’t hesitate to share this with us. And make sure to use this together with Silverfin Insights, which will have some updates as well coming very soon.

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There has been an update for the COVID-19 Measures in the BE COVID-19 package:

  • Previously, the measures that were not applicable depending on the filters (sector, type, number of employees) were not shown on the template. With this update all measures will be shown and when not applicable, these measures status’ will automatically be updated to ‘non applicable’.

  • The external links to the different applications forms will now be opened in the same language as selected in Silverfin.

A new update has been added to the stress test cashflow template:

This way, you won’t be able to enter too much outstanding balance for example, and you also see the total of the manual entered numbers.