Repeating Headers for Tables Going Onto More Than 1 Page (HTML)


I am using HTML to build out a Schedule of Investments that, many times, goes onto multiple pages in the financial statements. Silverfin provided some help on the code to use a while back to get repeating headers when the table goes onto a new page (see code below):

However, now it seems as though it is not working? I am getting this error message (below)

Any help would be much appreciated. As this is incredibly important.



Hi @pgallagher,

Thank you for your message.

There has been a recent update regarding HTML tables where the ‘usr-repeated-header’ class should now be included in the “thead” class rather than in the “table” one.
This should however still be supported for previously created tables (you will see a warning in the liquid editor but it will still work on input view).

There was a bug that has been already fixed so you shouldn’t see that syntax error any longer.

Please let us know if the problem persists.


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Thank you so much Borja.

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