Representation Legal entity in Minutes

In our DEV environnement we have 2 new fields in the Bedrijfsparameters: represented_by_name and represented_by_vat.

I need to had the field represented_by_name under the title “Zijn aanwezig” in the minutes NL - 01. Notulen van de zaakvoerder(s)/bestuurder(s) but it does not work.

Can you have a look?

Can you also have a look to the signature where I made a modification and the title of the person is not correct anymore.



Sure thing @svalais, can you paste the related code? Not only the code to display those new variables, but also how they are created.


Hi Sven,

This is the code:

“”" Zijn aanwezig:

{% capture options %}{% for zaakvoerder in period.directors %}{% if zaakvoerder.custom.rechtspersoon != “true” %}{{}}|{% endif %}{% endfor %}{% endcapture %}
{% capture rechtspersoon_opties %}{% for director in period.directors %}{% if director.custom.rechtspersoon == “true” %}{{}}|{% endif %}{% endfor %}{% endcapture %}
{% fori aanwezig in period.custom.aanwezig %}

  • {% ic %}{% input aanwezig.type as:select options:‘Natuurlijk persoon|Rechtspersoon’ %}{% endic %}{% if aanwezig.type ==‘Natuurlijk persoon’%}{% input aanwezig.geslacht as:select options:‘De heer|Mevrouw’ %} {% input aanwezig.options as:select options:options %} {% endif %}{% if aanwezig.type ==‘Rechtspersoon’%}{% input aanwezig.rechtspersoon_opties as:select options:rechtspersoon_opties %} vertegenwoordigd door {{director.custom.represented_by_name}} {% endif %}{% endfori %} “”"




My problem is solved.