Sorting a fori loop


A lot of customers of ours are filling in certain foriloops and they want to see that list in a particular way. If they for example forgot something, they fill it in at the end and then they want to drag it to a higher place in the list.

Wouldn’t it be useful if a certain row or area which contains a foriloopitem can be sorted using drag and drop? (i.e. Sortable | Simple list | Draggable JS Examples)

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Hi Sam,

Thank you for your query. Unfortunately, we are unable to process such feature requests directly in the community. Could you please email our support team directly: ?


Hi @Fintrax ,

In order to get this requested added to our backlog, we would like to receive some more insight on the exact use cases for this. Fori-loops can also be sorted with the sort filter - so what exact use case you have in mind where the sort filter would not suffice?

Thanks for the feedback!

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