Use of 'or' and 'and'


Can you use ‘or’ in the coding like below.

{% if custom.check.[category] == ‘Yes First Year’ or ‘Yes Significant Changes’ %}

I am trying to get a comments box to appear if either ‘Yes First Year’ or ‘Yes Significant Changes’ is selected from a drop down with 3 items. I think using ‘and’ works if you need two things to be connected but not sure if ‘or’ does.



Hi @neilmiller

It is definitely possible to use “or” in an if-statement.

You can find some more information on the different operators that are supported by Liquid code in our guide here.

Kind regards,

Thank you again Kimberley, I did look at that and tried with var 1 = a or var 1 = b but think I used " " instead of ’ ’ so wasn’t sure whether it worked. I’ve got it to work now, thank you :smiley: