Using data created in ic-statement in preview


I’ve used an account collection in an ic-statement.

How can I use that data outside the ic-statement when you show the preview?

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hi @Loic_Cogels,

If you created an accounts_var within ic-statement, then you cannot print it in output unless you re-created the accounts_var in output, by doing something like this:

{% assign accounts = period.accounts | range:some_selection %} 

where some_selection is the selection or the default you use in the accounts collection.

A more clear example below:

{% comment %}some needed vars{% endcomment %}
{% assign range_acc = "22__27" %}
{% assign default_acc = "22__27" %}

{% comment %}create accounts_var for input and output{% endcomment %}
{% assign selected = custom.range.accounts | default:default_acc %}
{% assign accounts = period.accounts | range:selected %}

{% ic %}{::infotext}
Select accounts here: {% input custom.range.accounts as:account_collection range:range_acc default:default_acc %}
{:/infotext}{% endic %}

{% comment %}display selected accounts{% endcomment %}
{% for acc in accounts %}
  {{ }}
{% endfor %}

:exclamation: Note: if you use an account collection within IC-statements, you also have to do this and the use of an accounts_var becomes unnecessary.

Hope this helps?

Hi Sven,

Thank you. It works now fine!

Is it also possible if you want to so with a dropdown menu?

Sure! Do you encounter any issue with that?


Thanks to the information above, I could make it work.

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