Warning sign linked to dates

Is there anyway i can get a warning sighn to appear where there is a difference in a date. So what i am trying to do is if on a template a date is entered e.g. 31.03.2021. If this date is after the period end date that i am working on then no error appears. If the date is before the period end date then a warning text or a red triangle needs to appear.

Hi @Nazirarahman

This is definitely a possible option, you can test the date with an if-statement.

In the example below we check if custom.choice.date_input is less (before) the period.year_end_date. If the if-statement is met the warning sign will appear.

{% if custom.choice.date_input < period.year_end_date %}
{::warningtext }Date is out of scope please select a different date{:/warningtext}
{% endif %}

{% input custom.choice.date_input as:date %}

Hope this clarifies it for you.

Kind regards,

Perfect. Tried it and it work. Thanks