Amount of total investments eligible for investment deductions

Dear All,

We would like to include in our Management Letter Tax the total of investments that are eligible for investment deductions.

We see that this template is subject to certain scenarios, and also homes in on a lot of results that seem to have our desired amount.

For example, we think this is the result “one_shot_base_SME”, but we want to be sure.

We have already consulted the topic with all the results in the community (275 U - Investment deduction), but there is no clarification as to what they mean exactly.

Could you please provide us with the name of the correct result that shows the total amount of investments eligible for i-deduction in all scenarios?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @JDB ,

Thank you for your question.

The template 275 U - Investment deduction indeed has quite a lot of results available.
With regard to the total amount of investments eligible for investment deduction, there are two options:

  1. one_shot_base: Total amount for all the categories under the headers ‘Investments in new fixed assets by all companies’, ‘Investments made by certain companies’ and ‘Investments in sea vessels by companies solely deriving profit from maritime shipping’.

  2. one_shot_base_SME: Total amount for all the categories under the header ‘Investments in new fixed assets by SME companies’.

So, the required result will depend on what exactly you want to show.

Currently, there is no result available that sums up these two subtotals (to get the total amount in all scenarios). But you can simply sum up the above-mentioned results if you want to get the total anyway.

I hope this clarifies your question.

Kind regards,