Check with 275u

In the form 275u you can only give the total amount of the investment deduction.
Now we would like a detailed reconciliation.
I made a reconciliation for the details “detail eenmalige investeringsaftrek”

that wasn’t so hard.
But now i would like to build in a check to be sure the total amount of the reconciliation is the total amount of “Eenmalige en gespreide investeringsaftrek” in form 275u.

how can I do this?

I have used the code
{% assign Test1 = period.reconciliations.2018_275_U_investmentdeduction.code_8340_8440_D0 %}
{{ Test1}}
{% assign Test2 = period.reconciliations.2018_275_U_investmentdeduction.gewoon %}
{{ Test2}}
{% assign Test3 = period.reconciliations.2018_275_U_investmentdeduction.invdeduct_CF %}
{{ Test3}}

but I only get the result


found it!
I forgot my results.

Hi Jessy

Happy you found the issue, if there’s anything else we can do to help, don’t hesitate to ask.

By the way, if you would like to give a detailed overview of the investments that are included in the form 275U, with our templates this is possible in the account template ‘Depreciation and investment table’ (‘Investerings- en afschrijvingstabel’) which is part of the BE standard working papers package.

In this template you can add the investments to explain the value on your investment account and you also have the column ‘Include in 275U’, which makes it possible to automatically include these investments in the form 275U.