Autokosten in template verworpen uitgaven automatisch toewijzen

Hm okay I see @Kevin what’s wrong: you use defaults in your input-tags but as explained earlier by @SamVanEenoo you cannot do that.

If you have this for instance (and you can always try this out):

{% input custom.some.thing default:'70' %}

that object will display that value of 70 BUT the object custom.some.thing is actually empty.
:warning: Only when you change it (and press ENTER), it will store data in that object.

Feel free to check this as well :wink:

So, basically you gonna need to add something like this in your template:

{% if autokost.account_range_vaa != blank %}
  {% assign vaa_range = autokost.account_range_vaa %}
{% else %}
  {% assign vaa_range = '74'  %}
{% endif %}

and use vaa_range to define your variable accounts_vaa :

{% assign accounts_vaa = period.accounts | range:vaa_range %}

Same goes for the percentage too :

{% input autokost[account.number] as:percentage default:'0.7'%}

The object autokost[account.number]is empty (even if you see it in the input/output-mode of Silverfin.

Can you try further with this info @Kevin? Hope this clarifies it a bit for you!