CAPTURE, variables and linking to templates


In my code I can get the following to work:

{% assign cy_value = period.reconciliations.dummy_template.custom.calcvalue.[item] %}

BUT, when I try to get the following line of code to work, I get an error:

{% assign cy_value = amount_url %}
{% assign cy_value = period.reconciliations.dummy_template.custom.calcvalue.[item] %}

I need support on how to capture/build my link to use it to link to amounts from other templates.

Hello @cbunger and welcome to the Silverfin Community :slight_smile:,

The code you posted is a bit brief for us to understand what exactly you are trying to do or what is going wrong. But if you are specifically looking for guidance on how to add a link to other templates I’d kindly refer you to the ‘linkto’ section on our developer site and a case on the use of the ‘linkto’ tag on our Community (Linkto tags can be used to jump to other templates or to jump to a specific section in the same or another template):

Hope this already provides you some guidance.

If not, please reach out.

Good luck!

Kind regards,