CASE: display results from reconciliation in a report

As explained here, you can take amounts into a result tag to display somewhere else:

Let’s say we have a template with a handle “stocks” and there’s a value taken into a result tag called “stock_value”.

How can we display this result tag in a report template?

This is the way:

Add a formula box to the report

As formula you’ll link to the result tag

So that’s reconciliations.stocks.results.stock_value without the period in the formula!


Is it also possible to Link data from one Report to an other report?
I only found out how to link fiels from a report template to a text or a reconciliation template.

for exapmle:
I want to link the value of a field with the tag DIRPRODU from report “MAPPING OVB” with handle MAPPINGRAP to an other report.

Hi, I found the awnser in te community.

It sould work with a workaround?

Hi Alexander

did you manage to try the workaround? Is everything clear?

Kind regards

Hi Sofie,

I’ve managed to get my result from one report to another as follows:

Report 1:


Reconciliation template: (workaround)

BEDRLEID Kosten m.b.t. bedrijfsleiding {{ period.reports.MAPPINGRAP.results.BEDRLEID }}
{% $1+ period.reports.MAPPINGRAP.results.BEDRLEID %}
{% result 'BEDRLEIDRESULT' $1 as:currency %}

Report 2:

formule: reconciliations.MAPPINGBDRTEMPLATE.results.BEDRLEIDRESULT

maybe I can make the workaround shorter?

Hi Alexander

you can slightly shorten your code like this:

BEDRLEID Kosten m.b.t. bedrijfsleiding 
{% assign result_formule = period.reports.MAPPINGRAP.results.BEDRLEID %}
{% result 'BEDRLEIDRESULT' result_formule as:currency %}

Normally, this should work.

Kind regards