CASE: disable importing reconciliation data for a specific collection

In a account or reconciliation template, there is always the option to import reconciliation data automatically based upon the ledger (in case of an account template) or an excel file (works for both template types):

But what if you wish a certain collection cannot be used for automatic reconciliation?

We automatically fetch and display every fori-loop there is in the template. Disabling a fori-loop can actually be done by (mis)using the addnewinputs-tag, like this:

{% comment %}collection A - can be auto reconciled{% endcomment %}

{% fori item in custom.shares_a %}
  {% input item.amount_shares as:integer %}
{% endfori %}

* * * 

{% comment %}collection B - will not be able to auto reconcile because of the addnewinputs tag{% endcomment %}
{% addnewinputs %}
  {% assign shares_b = custom.shares_b | sort:"amount_shares" %}
{% endaddnewinputs %}

{% comment %}B{% endcomment %}
{% for item in aandelen_b %}
  {% input item.amount_shares as:integer %}
{% endfor %}

Probably not a lot of use cases for this, but worth the share