Import excel data in reconciliation template


I have a various exchange rates in excel.
I want to get rates in reconciliation template and apply them to other reconciliation templates.

Is there a way to import rates in a reconciliation template to avoid typing them manually every month?


Hi @Ugis,

You’ll just have to use a reconciliation template and create a custom collection in that with a fori-loop.

Here you’ll find a case, although a bit different as it explains how to setup a collection that should be unavailable for excel-import:

Let us known if it works out for you.

Hi Sven,

Thanks for the reply.
It was useful. I managed to link imported exch rates in one template to template where based on selected currency it gives me the rate.

I want to push it a little further and see if I can use exchange rates that I imported in client A to apply them in client B.
Is this possible?

Many thanks,

Hi @Ugis,

Well, yes you can :smirk:

Hope that case is enough to tackle this further. If not, let us known

Hi @sven,

Thanks for the article.
I managed to get value from template A and display it in Template B.

When I change company form company C1 to company C2 I want to get value from C1-> template A and display in company C2 -> template B.

Without the option to pin point company to look at template A I think it will not work.

I have many companies. I want to upload exchange rates in company A and then other companies (B, C etc.) to pick that exchange rates from company A.
Can it be done?


Hi @Ugis,

You can not access data from one client file to another.

Related to rates: we are aware that an integration with Silverfin that would add this info (automatically or not) would be beneficial, and we are looking at possibilities but for now, I’m afraid to disappoint you.

Thanks for the update @sven.
Glad to hear it is on your road map :slight_smile: