CASE: how to add the total pages on a export

If you rather have a total pages amount of every page of your export, you can easily add following code in the advanced settings of a style :

Change that code into :

{{page.number}} of {{page.total_number}} 

Is it also possible to put the page number in a larger font? Or in bold?

Unfortunately no @Warde

I’ll list this on our feature request though
(apologies for the late reply, as I only notice this now this was left unanswered)

Hi Sven,

Any news on the page number in bold, italic or larger font?
I’m having the same issue.

no sorry @Pascal, that’s not available.

May I ask what the expectations are for a page number? Is it just basic styling (bold, italic and underlines), or could it also be more?

Just so we can cover all requests, that’s all. In my opinion some general markdown would be enough, but that’s me of course :relaxed:


Bigger font would also be nice. Like with the heading.
Let’s trow in some colors to, just in case…


Basic markdown would be fine imho.

@Warde @Pascal

could you give us an insight on why you are asking this? Like a screenshot from old exports (not done in Silverfin ofc, as markup of page numbers has never been possible) would be helpful.

But just so we could get an idea of what would be needed there, for styling a page number?

Original heading (with pagenumber)

Export Silverin (pagenumber cann’t be set in heading)


Okay good news @Warde & @Pascal,

You can use these font tags:

<i>Reporing</i> - <b>{{page.number}}</b>

but this is only available for the page numbers section.

Hope this works out for you.

Works fine!

Can we force pagenumber in the heading as future request?

I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you there @Pascal for now