CASE: use infotext and warningtext tags

There’s new functionality you can use in templates now :

{::infotext} test info {:/infotext}

{::warningtext} test warning {:/warningtext}

This will give a nice looking text like this :


In export however, it will not look like that (only the text and color will be exported), but this is only meant for input-mode (so be sure to use {% ic %} ... {% endic %}

If you wish to create an info text that displays through the whole width of the page, like this:

you can easily do by this code (just by adding the text as new lines):

{% comment %}
below code is random text in an infotag; 
it can also give an overview of related templates that need to be linked to (linkto-tag)
- to use a linkto-tag, you will need the handle-name of a recon-template (click on a template to discover that name)
- replace the last part of "period.reconciliations.vaste_activa" in the handle-name you need f.i.: "period.reconciliations.belastingberekening"  
- each recon-template should have an unique handle which can be used!
- a check is added as well in case the template does not exist in the working papers, to give a proper warning
- want a second linkto? just copy the code between {% if ... %} and {% endif %}, and add it below just before the {:/infotext}
{% endcomment %}

{% ic %}
This is some random text describing whatever you want, to guide users into internal workflows
It can also be used to overview links to certain templates needed for this recon template as well: 
{% if period.reconciliations.vaste_activa != blank %}{% linkto period.reconciliations.vaste_activa %}{% t "Fixed Assets" %}{% endlinkto %}{% else %}**{% t "The template Fixed Assets is not present in the working papers - please add them to the working papers" %}**{% endif %}
{% endic %}

We’ve added in a linkto-tag case as well, to link to certain templates if you wish :bulb:

Same goes for the warning-tag as well; it can be used the same way.