Collecting account values from different companies?

Is there a method for a Silverfin reconciliation in one company, to collect account information in another company?

The situation is that I am preparing an consolidated group’s set of accounts, and want to build a table in the parent which compares the Intercompany balances between the other subsidiaries.

Thank you


(There are around 15 Subsidiaries, and another 12 related parties, so this would end up being a big time-saver, and prevent a paper exercise).

Hello @ThomasB,

Could you be more precise on what you are trying to build here?
The reason I’m asking is, as soon as you’ve uploaded all subsidiaries into the consolidation file in Silverfin, you can make a report template (so no STL here needed) that shows the accounts with the corresponding value of each subsidiary (analytical dimension in a report). In this report you could make any comparison you want.

If the report is not enough, could you give me an example onto what you are building precisely through the Silverfin Templating Language? (I have an idea what you are trying to do though, but just to be sure)

PS all data should be in the consolidation file by the way - if you want to call on data from other files, that is not possible and therefor would need to upload the data of each subsidiary into the consilidation file in Silverfin.

Hi Sven

Around 15 separate companies in Silverfin, one of which is the parent.

No consolidation takes place, as there are exemptions for this group due to total size.

In the parent, I want to be able to compare account X value in company 2, to account Y in company 3.
(and repeat for all the inter-group loans).
I don’t know whether Liquid

If the consolidation you’ve mentioned is a Silverfin facility, it’s not one I’m aware of?




Because this case is not yet possible through Silverfin Templating Language, I’ll inform your CSM to update you regarding the consolidation function in Silverfin.

By the way: you speak of calling on accounts of several subsidiaries yet, some of those may not be included in consilidation? So this is not a pure consolidation case at all then?

Sorry yes. I thought my original message said “unconsolidated”, but I mis-typed.

Ok, I informed your CSM for consolidation though (calling on accounts across several other client files is not possible).

I’d like to know though, if our consolidation function could work for your case…