Alternative GL-accounts


for 3 of our clients, we use Exact, with alternative GL-accounts. Each Belgian GL-account is connected to an alternative GL-account/group. Can we somehow use these alternative GL-accounts in our reports? I presume there 's no standard report in wich this is possible?
Solution: make a template in which we assign each Belgian GL-account to a group in the alternative GL-system?
The same clients are also interested in a budget per period. They develop their own budget per period, in an Excel-file. Is there a possibility to upload these data into Silverfin, without overtyping these figures? For example, developing an database in Excel or Acces with these figures, that easily can imported in Silverfin?
The ultimate goal is a report with on the one hand the actuals and on the other hand the budget, both according to the alternative, US system.

Hello @Coene,

I think this is more a question for our first line support, because this can be done in Silverfin when you use mapping. In a report template you then can easily show the original account and the mapped account.

I wouldn’t take this into Liquid-territory to be honest. Way too complicated and too much work, unless I don’t understand your question.