Adjusting existing reports - copying existing code to new templatese

Hello Sven,

intrigued by the technical workshops, I have two questions concerning the code of reports.

  1. Can we view the code of existing reports developed by Silverfin? The existing reports are very good, but I want to modify some small things according to the comments of collegues of the office. Can I copy some things in these reports to a new template and modify the aspects we want to change or do I need to create a whole new template starting of zero?

  2. When we attach some documents (notary acts, Excel-tables,…) to a GL-account, in the export these documents come as an attachment (‘bijlagen’) after the overview of all GL-accounts. Can I change this in the way that an attachment comes directly after the detail of one GL-account and not after the whole bunch of GL-accounts?
    Maybe I can create a template for this specific GL-accounts (not so many) if this matter could not changed?

Best regards

Hi @Coene,

Glad you’ve found your way to the community :+1:

  1. you mean the actual reports, right? Because reports are not in Liquid-code, so you can’t change that )(only text, account and recon templates as well as create export-files (xml, csv, … ).

  2. you can’t change that really (and why would? the attachments are clickable to go right to the attachment, right?
    But, you can have a look at this perhaps :

Let us know if it works for you.