Report with budget


I have a report. In this report i have a period with my actuals and a period with my budget.
If i look at my budget the lines of “verworpen uitgaven” is not filled in. Can i add them to my budget?

Below you can find a print screen of my question.

Because now my budget is not very accurate

Also can i limit a cel to a certain amount?

Fex. Sociale bijdrage if the total is > 4000 euro he must fill in 4000.
Like a if formula in excell?

Thank you for the feedback.

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Hi @Dons,

These questions are related to the functions of report templates, and not to the Silverfin Templating Language. So you can ask such questions through our first line helpdesk and they’ll be gladly to help you with this.

Sorry for the inconvenience this might be causing

Hi Sven

Thanks for the reply.
They send me to the community…
I will ask them again.

Kind regards

Yes, I just checked but that was related to your first question @Dons (how to reference a result from a reconciliation template in a report). The other questions are for the helpdesk.

Sorry for the back-and-forth though :see_no_evil: