Copying reconciliation details between periods

It is possible to copy details of accounts from one period to another.
The same can be done for a reconciliation.
However, since a reconciliation does not have a details drop, I was wondering what information is actually being copied here?
I tried to copy ‘details’ from a custom reconciliation template of one period to another, but no data seems to be actually copied.
Is it possible to explain where information can be stored on a reconciliation in order to be able to copy it to another period please?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Robin

You can do this by working with a result tag.

For example, in the template Belastingberekening you can see the tag

{% result “bel_liq_res” 0.10*custom.belastbaar.liquidatie_reserve %}

You can refer to this tag somewhere else by using

{{ period.reconciliations.belastingberekening.results.bel_liq_res }}

With “belastingberekening” being the handle of the reconciliation template.

In general you can use the following tag to refer to any result in a reconciliation with a handle.

{{ period.reconciliations.handle_reconciliation.results.name_result }}

You can add as many results in a custom template as you like. If you want to use a result in one of the templates of the template collection of silver and it doesn’t exist yet, you can always ask.

Hopefully this answers your question

Kind regards

Hi @SamVanEenoo,

Actually I am talking about something completely different than what can be accomplished with the result tag…

I want to be able to copy details (input provided by the user) from one period to another.
Some other topic on this forum mentions how this works for the details on a account:

Every variable which has as name like: detail.custom.naam_variabele as a name will be copied from one period to another.

I was asking how this works for reconciliations, since they do not have a details drop.

In the meantime, I found out that it seems like the complete custom drop from the reconciliation is duplicated when copying the reconciliation details from one period to another, which is exactly how I hoped it would work :slight_smile:

My question can therefore be considered as resolved. :slight_smile:

Hi @robin.bailleul

Sorry for misunderstanding. Glad you found the solution yourself.
As you mentioned. All custom drops are indeed copied to the next period in reconciliations.
Keep up the good work!

Kind regards

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