Getting calculated variables from another reconciliation template for the same period


How can I get the value of the (calculated) parameter ‘belastbaar’ from the reconciliation template ‘belastingberekening’, made by Silverfin for the same company and the same period for whom a new reconciliation template is built?

I first thought this could be through the code {{period.reconciliations.belastingberekening.belastbaar}}
with ‘belastingberekening’ being the handle and ‘belastbaar’ being the name of the variable, but this doesn’t work.


There are 2 ways to access variables from another reconciliation.

If it’s a custom variable you can use the following code

{{ period.reconciliations.handle.custom.some.variable }}

If a result tag is used in the original template you can reference to it using the following code

{{ period.reconciliations.handle.results.key_of_result }}

If the variable is not a custom variable and there doesn’t exist a result tag for it yet, you can always contact the support team of silverfin.

Kind regards


Hi Sam,

I don’t think this variable (‘belastbaar’) is either a custom variable nor does it exist in a result tag. Is that correct according to you (template = ‘belastingberekening’)?


Hey @Bart_Verhaeghe,

What result of our standard Silverfin template do you mean? chances are it’s not linked to a result-tag yet.

Did you mean Result of the taxable period ?

Hey Sven,

Yes I did.

We’ll need to add a result tag in our standard template then @Bart_Verhaeghe.

When this is done, I’ll notify you here.