Handle and resulttags for template SOCIALE BALANS


Is it possible to use the value given in cell “Gemiddeld aantal Werknemers” and “Aantal daadwerkelijke gepresteerde uren” in template SOCIALE BALANS workflow jaarrekening (mic and VKT and also VOL)?

I would like to use this data in another template or report.


Hi Alexander,

In order to do that you need to save the values of the cell on a result tag like this:

{% result 'variable_name' content %}

Then to access this variable from another template you should print the code below:

{{ period.reconciliations.[template_handle].results.variable_name }}

You can find the ‘template handle’ in the template code site


For more info on how to use result tags please check our developer site: https://developer.silverfin.com/docs/result

Hope that helps,

Hey Borja,


Is it possible to give the resultag of the circled cells below?

MIC 11 SOCIALE BALANS is a templete developed by Silverfin.


Hi Alexander,

Yes, those cells have already result tags, try using the following code:

 {{ period.reconciliations.vkt_12.results.100_3 }}
 {{ period.reconciliations.vkt_12.results.101_3 }}

Hope that works,

In the future you can refer to the post below to check on result tags on your reconciliation templates.