How to get a new value out a standard template?

I would like to get a value ($1) from a standard template (Justification remuneration directors) how can I do this?

which template
BE standard working papers > Overeenstemming bezoldiging (bedrijfsleiders)
Justification remuneration directors

Code from the template ( I would like to get $1)

| {% t “Boekhouding” %} {% assign key_boekh = rubriek | append:’_boekh’ %}{% input custom[key_boekh].numbers as:account_collection range:range_wages default:default_wages accounts_var:accounts %}{%
for account in accounts %}
| {% linkto account %}{{ account.number }} {{ }}{% endlinkto %} | | {%=$1+ account.value %}{% endfor %}
| | | {{ $1| currency }} {% ifi $0-$1 != 0 %}

Information I found:

What I have tried (But it’s not between them):


Hey @RutgerC,

I don’t think that value is taken into a specific result tag anyway, as the value you are referring to, is a value that’s allocated to every director or employee (depending on the template you refer to).

May I ask which specific value you really need from both the reconciliations? As I’d like to understand it more, so perhaps I can investigate if it wouldn’t be better for us to create the needed result tag (if it’s a generic case of course :wink:)

Hi @sven,

I’d like to compare 2 values:

From the template above (total accounting: 6239.94)

With its own written file, to check if both values are the same.

Sorry for going back and forth @RutgerC, but this relates to which template (the directors one OR the employees one, or both)?
And just to be clear, it is the total amount of selected accounts that are used to reconcile the wages?

My apologies for the late response.

Only the directors’ template and yes, it is the total amount of the selected accounts.

No apologies needed @RutgerC :relaxed:

Sounds like a legit case, so we added a new result tag to this template:

{% comment %}
{% endcomment %}
{% result 'total_wages_directors' accounts.value %}

So in any other template, you can do this and refer to that value:

{% assign total_wages_directors = period.reconciliations.remuneration_directors.results.total_wages_directors %}

{{ total_wages_directors }} 

More info on result tags here:

Keep in mind not all of our templates from the Silverfin marketplace have the result tags, but if there are missing, just ask for it here, and if it’s a legit case, we’ll gladly add it.

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