Date "now" and date adjustments

I’m using “now” as a date. The output will be in UTC+0 while we are in UTC+2.
By exporting the date “now” there is hereby a deviation of two hours.

The code:

*{% nic %} *Printdatum: {% capture date%}{{ "now"| date: "%A, %d %b %Y, %H:%M, %Z" }}{% endcapture%}{{date}}+0*{% endnic %}*

Current time “17u20” is printed as “15u20”.
Wich formula could be used to adjust “now” with two hours?

Hello @Pascal,

We actually have a filter for that, although it works only in the browser and not on (PDF) export:


Could you give this a go?

Hello @sven,

On screen the code gives the correct date.
However we want the correct date on the exportdocuments.

So date on screen and date on export don’t match (2 hour difference).

indeed @Pascal, on export we cannot access the time zone.

Let me see if this is something that could be done or not, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I have more info on that.

PS is it really that common that the hour is important to know when an export has been made? The date alone is not enough, I presume?