Issue in Timestamp notation for export formats

Within an export you can specify the desired file name. We were surprised to see that the result of the code snippet below ended up to be in UTC timezone.


So when it is 1609 the time shows as 1409 = not what we desire.
When we corrected the liquid formula into {{ “now” | localized_date: “%Y%m%d-%H%M” }}.test in liquid it shows correctly. But it is somehow not correctly translated in this screen.
Can you point us what we should use instead if we want to have the localized time in the filename?


Best Regards

Ruben Moerman


Thank you for your question.

In export “now” displays CET time.
We are aware of this, localized filter is in our backlog.

Currently, the following workaround code can be used

{{ "now" | retract_hours:1 | date:'%d/%m/%Y %H:%M' }}

Hi Jelena,

Thank you verry much for the feedback. We will use the work around for the moment but hope for a structural solution in the future.

Can you update us as soon as the fix is available?

Thanks in advance

Ruben Moerman


Yes, we will inform you.