Currency and decimal input

In my templates, we need to take decimals into account with the calculations, however we do not want them displayed on the page. Therefore, my number format is set up as:

{%=$0+input item.deduct placeholder:"-" as:currency precision:0 %}

However, the decimals only get saved if I enter the value with a sign in front of it, e.g. If I enter 76.87 only 76 is saved. But if I enter +76.87, then 76.87 is saved. My concern is that the users may not remember to enter a sign when capturing. Is there a number format where I can have the decimals captured but not displayed without having to input the sign?

Hi @Mhairi

What is your specific use case for this? Currently it’s not possible to do this in liquid, your solution (adding ‘+’) is a workaround that shouldn’t be used.

If you want to make a distinction between input and export, that is possible:

{% ic %}{%=$0+input item.deduct placeholder:"-" as:currency precision:2 %}{% endic %}
{% nic %}{%=$0+ item.deduct | currency precision:0 %}{% endnic %}

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Hi @Michiel - this isn’t about the export view. In the on screen working view, the users don’t want to see the number with decimals. However, for reconciliation purposes, the decimal value is necessary and should be able to be input even if it’s not visible.

But if you say it’s not possible, I’ll feed that back to the team.

Thank you.

Hello @Mhairi,

Why exactly do you want the users not to be able to see the value with decimals, as they prepare a reconciliation in input-mode? As the latter is to prepare something for export (PDF), and can be seen only as a preparation in our opinion (a so-called work-mode of Silverfin to get to your goal, like a finalised PDF or something).

Surely, export/preview mode can differ a lot from input-mode, which is why our workflow review functionality only show that (instead of the input-mode).

Hi @Sven,

It was a request from our tax team. The tax pack used to be an Excel based tool where number formatting was more flexible. So the ask was that we have the equivalent of the currency with no visible decimals format.

As this is not currently supported, I’ll feedback to them and advise the proposed solution.

Thanks for the response.

Thanks for the understanding @Mhairi :slightly_smiling_face: