Align use of currency filter

As most of you know, there is the option to express currency data with these 2 filters:

  • currency: expressing the number as you’d expect it to be (eg. 1.500,23 or -1.500,23)
  • currency_dc: expressing a value depending on the chosen format in Advanced on firm level (eg. (1.500,23) or -1.500,23 depending on the chosen option)

As you might’ve noticed, the chosen setting here in the Advanced page on firm level:
Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 09.21.36
is actually only reflected in all templates that use the currency_dc filter.

However, for templates that use the currency filter, that actually caused for inconsistencies across templates with the currency filter, and the report templates: the chosen setting would actually be seen in report templates, but not for templates that make use of the currency filter.

So, a zero amount might’ve shown - in a report, while (liquid) templates would still show 0. This isn’t very consistent, hence the change now we are going to implement: soon the currency filter will also reflect the chosen setting in Liquid templates.

To be clear:

  • the change won’t alter any behaviour when using the currency_dc filter
  • the change only affects templates that use the currency filter AND where a different format is chosen for zero and negative in the Advanced page on firm level :point_up: