Show negatives in brackets?


Is it possible to show negative figures in brackets? For example, the following code:

{% assign example = (5-10) %} {{ example | integer }}

Will provide the result: -5

Is there a way to show this as (5) instead?

Many thanks

Hi @jhanley,

This can be done by using the ‘currency_dc’-filter.

{% assign example = (5-10) %} {{ example | currency_dc:0 }}

This will provide the requested result (i.e. (5)).

Note that the :0 is included in the code to limit the decimals. When you just use currency_dc the result will show 2 decimals.

Hope this was what you were looking for!

Kind regards,

Hi @robindeclercq,

Thanks for the quick response!

This looks to achieve what I’m after, though I’m not having much luck at producing the (5) result :cry:

I copied the code you provided as a test, but this is still pulling through as -5?

Kind regards

Hi @jhanley,

You’re totally right, my bad! I was a bit too quick with the response.

Next to the currency_dc filter you should also make sure that the settings in your environment are set to show negative amounts as (X) instead of -X.

To do so, the administrator in your environment should go to ‘Advanced’


Then to ‘Currency negative format’


And change -xxx to (xxx)


These settings in combination with currency_dc will make sure that negative numbers are always shown with brackets.

Kind regards,

Thanks @robindeclercq, that makes perfect sense! I haven’t been able to test this yet as our admin user is not available, but I’m positive this will resolve my issue.

Thanks for all your help!

PS @jhanley,

this is explained here as well:

The activation of those currency format is not something regular user can do by the way.