Inverting of certain figures on a report

I would like to present my liability and equity accounts on my balance sheet without brackets/invert their value.

I am currently using the accelerator kit and am struggling to invert just the liability and equity balances without affecting the asset balances.

I am having a similar problem with my income statement, I would like the expense accounts to be presented without brackets.

Hi Debbie!

There are different approaches, I will suggest the following:
where the actual amounts are being printed, you can add invert on top of the currency filter.

For the Balance Sheet e.g. this is in the part main_table

{{ [category_value_0y] | currency:currency_decimals, invert:false }}

You can replace the “false” argument with a variable that you only make true in case you want to invert the amount. I can see you already added the variable show_credits_positive, so I’ll continue with that one.

So if in the variables part you already did this:

{% assign block_array = assets_array %}
{% assign show_credits_positive = false %}
{% include "parts/variables_block" %}

then in variables_block you could do the following:

  1. Create new dynamic variable
{% capture category_invert %}category_invert{% endcapture %}
  1. Assign the correct value
{% assign [category_invert] = show_credits_positive %}
  1. In the part main_table, fetch the new dynamic variable & pass it as a variable to the invert filter

I’ve taken the liberty to actually add this to the code of the Balance Sheet in your dev :slight_smile:

Let me know if this approach is clear and if you need any more assistance,

Kind regards