Total of balance sheet


I’m new with documents editing and I wonder which formula / code I can use to get the total of my balance sheet in a doc.

Ex: The annuals accounts of this year have a total of {{ xxx}}
Or: Total Asset / Liabilities = {{ xxx }}
Is there a code that directly call this info?


PS: Is there any tutorials / formations I could follow to get into coding? I already found “Let’s get technical” slides but it is a bit vague to me.


Hi @AlexDerbau,

Great questions!

As the slides are a little out-of-date (but not that much and I would still highly recommend them), you could also have a look at

For your specific question, there are some interesting cases here:

So {{ period.accounts.assets | currency }} will give you the needed result, but there are other ways too, like {{ #20__58 | currency }}.

I’d suggest going through our readme tutorials and if you feel you are stuck on certain things, just ask it through our community which is the main goal: share knowledge and helping you forward building custom templates.

Good luck and hope you have fun in doing so too :+1: