Alignment of negative number shown in parenthesis vs positive number in a table


I have a table that shows both negative and positive numbers and the negative numbers are slightly offset compared to the positive numbers because of the inclusion of the (). Is there a way to align the negative numbers?

Thank you!

Hi @tdcurrie,

Could you post a print screen of that? I just checked and I couldn’t see misalignment unless I’m misunderstanding something here…


Pardon me @tdcurrie, I’m not so familiar with negative values in brackets.

Could you paste the code doing that? Could be some specific edge case, as we fixed this a while ago (we add some padding whenever a number with a currency filter is used in a right aligned column).

So if it would be possible to copy paste the code? thanks

Hi Sven,

Here is the code for the row with negative numbers. Let me know if you need more info.

{% newline %}
| Less accumulated depreciation
|_ _
|_ {% =$1+ cardq.accumulated_depreciation | currency_dc:0 %} _
|_ _
|_ {% =$2+ py_cardq.accumulated_depreciation | currency_dc:0 %} _

Thanks again!

I can simulate it @tdcurrie and are investigating the issue as we speak… Will keep you posted

Some more news, but it seems it’s only broken in preview mode of a template
So export to PDF should still work; could you confirm that from your end @tdcurrie ?

Ah you are right. It looks good in the export.

We are giving client access to the workflow working screen now, but definitely not as big of a deal since the final export we deliver will look good.

Thanks for you quick response, much appreciated!



Hi @tdcurrie,

Some good news just before the weekend: you can expect this to be fixed in about an hour.
Please confirm back to us though, just to be sure :slightly_smiling_face: