Defining input variables


I want to know whether I can define my variables as a decimal in stead of a currency.
How can this be done?
something like: {% input custom.reserves.test as:decimal %} ?

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Hello @GMOONS,

Last week, I answered that from another topic :

To make sure something is calculated rounded with 2 decimals instead of 3, you can add a round-filter :

{%=$0+ $1 | round | currency %} : this will show it rounded and aslo let’s you calculate with the rounded number

{%=$0+ $1 | currency %} : this will show the amount rounded, but the value that will be calculated with, will be with the total amount (so 4,568 instead of 4,57).

We use this with our template of “Verworpen uitgaven” by the way.

Does this help you further?

Dear Sven,

The problem I’m actually dealing with is the following.
When I define it as a currency I get for example 1.043,56 to display.

The problem is that the tool I’m importing my XML-export file from Silverfin in, needs the variable to look like 1043,56 so without the dot between the thousands. That’s why I was wondering whether such “definition” is available in Silverfin?

Or would it be possible to only use the {{ custom.some.thing | round }} feature?

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How are the numbers being inputted @GMOONS ?

Probably like {% input custom.some.thing as:currency %}, no?

Because then {{ custom.some.thing }} should show you the needed one for your XML (unless the variable is inputted with 3 decimals after the comma).