Rounded numbers and calculating with the full number


I have the following problem: I have made a template with following code

{% t 'Actualisatievoet' %} | {% input custom.detail.actualisatievoet as:currency %} {% assign $6 = custom.detail.actualisatievoet %}
{% t 'Dossierkosten' %} | {% input custom.detail.dossierkosten as:currency %} {% assign $5 = custom.detail.dossierkosten %}

the problem is that the numbers you have to put in have more than 2 digits after the comma but it automaticaly rounds the number. Is there a possibility to work with the whole number? This can bring a big difference when we calculate with these.

Kind regards

Hello @StagiairAMG,

Indeed, you cannot put in or work with more than 2 digits after the comma when you input the value as currency or as percentage.

In order to overcome this problem you should drop the ‘as:currency’ in your input field. Next to that, the value that is filled in should contain a point (’.’) instead of a comma (’,’) to seperate the decimal numbers. To make sure the correct value is used to calculate, you can add replace:",","." to your code. Finally, ‘plus: 0’ is added to make sure the value is considered as an integer.

{% t ‘Actualisatievoet’ %} | {% input custom.detail.actualisatievoet %} {% assign acutalisatievoet = custom.detail.actualisatievoet | replace:",","." | plus: 0 %}{% assign $6 = acutalisatievoet %}
{% t ‘Dossierkosten’ %} | {% input custom.detail.dossierkosten %} % assign dossierkosten = custom.detail.actualisatievoet | replace:",","." | plus: 0 %}{% assign $5 = dossierkosten %}

Hope this helps!

Kind regards,