Issue in PDF export of Text showing amount


When you export aan amount in a text, you can run into a layout issue. Imageine 100 000 EUR is to be presented, if it runs into a line ending … It will sliceup the amount.

This is a tesw with an amount that schould be shown completely together without splitup 100

Is there a way in liquid to keep this on the same line?
Would it be possible to put somthing that is shown as currency always on 1 line? it is not likely desired to get it splitup on multiple lines in a printout.

Does someone know how I can cope with this?

Thanks in advance

Hi @rumoerman,

I’m not able to reproduce this. It should not split up if the value is one variable or objects; in that case it would present it on a new line.

Could you post your code, or tell me how your 100 000 is made? If it’s just text, it could be because of the space.

Hi Sven,

Well we just display some text calling an amount {{VariableWith100 000 in | currency}}

and it’s in a text block where we also display a variable with the name of the company. We are not in the ability to calculate a length I believe to take into account. We are just unlucky it happens on the end of the line and get’s plit up.


I’m afraid I’ll need to look at your code, because even if you have this in a text block (like {% input custom.some.thing as:text %}) nothing should be split IMO.

And the variable {{VariableWith100 000 in | currency}} should not even be working because of the spaces in the name of the variable (which isn’t allowed). So I’m stuck with some more questions to you, I’m afraid… Perhaps I’ll see what you mean, if I have a glance at the code?

Hi Sven,
We had a short call explaining that a result tag is build up in a reconcilliation. Composing a text with figures in. And this is called from another reconcilliation and displayed. Causing this issue.
You would go back to the technical team asking for some feedback on how to solve.
In a normal applicaiton within liquid, the figures are not split.
So we are waiting on feedback from the technical team
Best regards
Ruben Moerman

Hi @rumoerman,

The problem is that the french format for the currency separates the “thousands” with a space instead of a dot or comma as in other languages. This causes a bug in the system splitting the amount in two lines.
I will get in touch with our core development team and will get back to you as soon as possible.


Hi Borja,

I believe you’re wright. Another complexity here is that we refer to a results fields on another disclosure (this one is then composing a text string that is used to display – so it might be more complex to get the margins of the page to be interpret).

Met vriendelijke groeten

Hello @rumoerman,

Just to inform you: this is still in progress with our develop team. As soon as we have an update, we’ll inform you.



Goede morgen Sven,

Je had vermeld dat er eind deze week vermoedelijk een status update zou kunnen gegeven worden rond dit item. Hebben jullie zicht wanneer dit van de baan zou kunnen zijn (Timing zou mooi zijn)?

Met vriendelijke groeten

Hello @rumoerman,

Sorry this took a little longer than expected, but this should be fixed by tomorrow.

Could you double check by then? Thanks for the patience by the way.