Date special meeting linked to company drop (instead of period)?

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For our Continuity package on the Marketplace, do we need to link to the date of the Special Meeting (as result of the alarmbel procedure being applicable).
However, it seems this database variable is linked to the company-drop instead of the period-drop?


I’m not sure if this is correct, as this implies the entered date will be seen in any period.

In our own reconciliation, we can link it to the period-drop (and show a default perhaps), but that will imply our reconciliation will show different from the standard legal texts in Silverfin (which we always need to be aligned with).

Because a new fiscal year is coming, this might be the chance to get fixed?
I do know it’s rarely this date is used more than once though…


Any chance you were able to take a look? :neutral_face:

To be clear: the database variable is used in the (legal) text template of the Special Meeting Report - Alarmbelprocedure.


It does seem strange that this date is linked to the company drop instead of the period drop. Could you send this over to so we can follow it up further from there?

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Done :slightly_smiling_face:

Have received confirmation by your support department that this has been migrated to:


Thanks for the follow-up