Date of Special Report - Silverfin template

Hi everyone!

I am quite new to the liquid code, I just finished my first text template, which is working successfully!

Now, I am working on my second text template, which is going fine, but I would like to refer in my text to the date of the Special Report of the Administrative body, which we use from Silverfin with no extra adjustments. (NL: Bijzonder verslag opgemaakt door het bestuursorgaan).

How do I refer to the date in that report? We/you need to fill in the date manually, so how do we refer to this date?

Can anyone help me with this please?
Thank you!

Hi Zena,

Welcome to our community. Please have a look at the post below where you can find an overview of the variables used in the Legal Documents:

Hope that helps,

Hi Borja

Thanks for the reply! But I cannot find what I need.
I need the code for the Special Report of the administrative body or manager.

That is not in your list :frowning: I can only find the date of General Meeting or preparation or Annual Report, but not the date of the Special Report.
Please correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t see it.

Hi Zena,

I believe the variable you are after is the following: company.custom.av.datum_bijzonder
Can you please try? You should be able to see the code of that specific template as it’s open source just in case you need any further information in the future.


Thanks much! Problem solved :smiley: